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Are you looking for the best SEO plugin on the planet? With Do it SEO, you can have your hands on the SEO plugin that will turn your SEO experience towards higher page rankings in a matter of weeks. We are able to do this with an SEO plugin that has been perfected over the last five years. Our SEO plugin will revolutionize the way your website interacts with other similar websites and how you manage it through our platform. Our easy to use SEO plugin allows you to maneuver around our platform through are easy to use member control panel. At Do it SEO, we are very confident that our SEO plugin, along with our platform, will be so easy and bring so much benefit to your site, that we are offering it free of charge! Anyone with a reputable website can join Do it SEO and get immediate access to our SEO plugin and 5 free keywords. Since most of our features are automated, our SEO plugin works quietly in the background, replacing the manual work required by old SEO company.

To get our free SEO plugin, all you have to do is join Do it SEO by filling out our simple form. Once you add your keywords, we will thoroughly analyze your keywords and site and then you will download our SEO plugin. But what exactly does our SEO plugin do? Well for starters, it will give you immediate results, and in a manner of weeks, you will see a significant jump. One feature that our SEO plugin does is that it automates the link exchange function. When you join our site, you will have control of all the inbound links from relevant sites. Another feature of our SEO plugin is that it constantly monitors your website to make sure it is functioning at all times. If for whatever reason the Website Monitoring feature sees that your site is offline, you will be notified within 5 minutes.

Do it SEO also allows you to manage all the written content and to add or subtract information as you see fit. We also have a Blogging feature that allows you to add what we call business logs to your website whenever you like. Our easy to use platform is a breeze to navigate and add content to when you need to change or add Blog posts. Our SEO plugin features an SEO submission tool that sends an updated xml sitemap to the major search engines routinely. In essence, this notifies the search engines that your site is valid and functioning with an up to date blueprint of what your website's structure looks like. The best and most fun part of our SEO plugin is the Ranking Reports. Every 15 days or so, the Ranking Reports let you know the changes in the rankings for your keywords. It will list change from previous date and tells you the accumulated spots you went up for all of your keywords.

Seo Plugin
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