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If you own a website and you want it to get more visitors and customers, you are going to need proper SEO. Links between your website and other related sites will raise your search engine rankings in a big way. Call GEtSEObot.com at 877.823.1543 and tell us what you need. Be sure to ask us how to obtain a free SEO account.

Inbound SEO links are crucial for every search engine optimization plan. Also known as backlinks, they are defined as the ‘incoming’ links to your website from other sites that are relevant to your topic or content. SEO links also play an important part in optimization because the more backlinks you have, the more Google sees your site as being ‘credible’ and the higher your rankings in search results. Think of the game as a popularity contest; when more relevant websites are linking back to yours, search engines will begin to see you as being worthy of higher rankings.

When building inbound links, you need to make sure that the websites connecting to yours are similar to your topic of interest, as irrelevant  links can only get you penalized. Directory submission is one of the common ways for websites to obtain quality and relevant backlinks. This strategy for SEO links your website with similar ones under the same network or category.

Another easy and totally safe way to start link building is to use an automated platform such as WEB WORKS from GetSEOBot, which provides you with quality reciprocal links with other similar businesses so you can get the traffic you want and achieve higher rankings. It’s free to get started. Your free account also receives twice a month ranking reports so you can monitor the progress of your SEO program. Every free account will receive website link management tools, a keyword content manager, and a website monitoring area.

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