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You have no doubt noticed a lot of share-the-wealth affiliate programs being touted on the internet today. If you participate, you make money whenever you sell someone else`s product or service. If you choose the right product or service to resell, you can make a bundle. The trick is to choose a product or service that everyone needs and wants. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just such a service. Every website online today can benefit from better, more effective SEO. Without good SEO, a website will never be noticed by big search engines such as Bing, Yahoo or Google. Every single website on the net needs proper SEO. Join GETSEObot SEO affiliate programs, and you can help websites see vastly improved search rankings. GETSEObot SEO affiliate programs can make you an SEO hero without even lifting a finger.

At GETSEObot, we offer three SEO affiliate programs. They are called our White Label, Co-Label and Private Label SEO. With our Private Label SEO, you may remove our name from the product and brand it with your own company name. Call it whatever you like, and set your own price. With the Private Label SEO, you will handle your own sales calls and close your own deals. You will answer customer support inquiries. Private Label is one of our most popular SEO affiliate programs. Co-Label SEO works a bit differently. With Co-Label, we set the price and give you twenty percent of residual earnings. We will handle the sales calls and close your sales. You may add your business name to our SEObot and sell it co-labeled as your own. GETSEObot will take any customer service questions that may arise.

Sell White Label SEO services to your internet clients and they will enjoy our full range of optimization products. White Label is the most sophisticated of our SEO affiliate programs. Sell White Label SEO with your own brand name. With each SEObot you sell, you will make twenty to fifty percent of residual earnings. Your clients will enjoy our entire range of SEO services.

When SEObot is plugged into a website, the site looks and feels essentially the same as it ever did. Your client`s website will remain basically unchanged. SEObot will add a few discreet links to the bottom of each page. These links point to behind-the-scenes SEO resources that effectively catch the attention of search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing. When new relevant content is added to the site via the SEObot back office, that content is mapped into XML and submitted to the major search engines. SEObot is the way SEO may be done in the future, but with our SEO affiliate programs, you can provide this amazing automated service today.

Seo Affiliate Programs
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