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Using link exchange programs has long used by website owners and administrators in efforts to attract more traffic and get better exposure. Search engines have started to favor websites that have more reciprocal links with other websites. This preferential treatment is no longer absolute, though. Search engines are getting much better, and they now gauge how popular a website is not just based on how many reciprocal links it has, but more importantly, the quality of the links. Incoming links should contain the same general theme or content as the website it is linking to. Because link exchanges between websites that do not contain related content can negatively affect rankings in search engine result pages, website owners or administrators should take the time to look for link exchange programs that would allow them to exchange links with other web sites that have the same general theme or content as theirs.

Manual exchange
The most basic way of going about link exchange programs is to contact a website owner or administrator and then ask to exchange links manually. Visiting a web forum or discussion board somehow works the same way as directly contacting a web site owner or administrator, only it helps you narrow down your search for relevant websites that you can exchange links with. Both methods are time consuming and are often ineffective in the long run.

Directories for Link Exchanges
Normally, web owners or administrators look to directories for link exchanges in order to increase traffic to their respective web sites. Directories for link exchanges come in two types:

Paid: Using a paid directory for link exchanges would necessitate that you to pay a fee for whatever service you acquire. Paid directories for link exchanges make the process of link exchanges a whole lot easier but they usually need you to install a software that will help manage your link exchanges.

Free: Free directories for link exchanges doesn`t cost anything although they only usually provide you with web sites, that contain related content to yours, you can contact for link exchanges. Essentially still, link exchanges are done manually.

Free Relevant Links �€“ The Best Solution
Say goodbye to old link exchange programs that don`t work and hello to FreeRelevantLinks. By signing up with www.freerelevantlinks.com today, you get to choose as much as five keyword phrases as well as two descriptions that promote your keywords. FreeRelevantLinks also provides you with a free daily ranking report and other reports that show you total home page visits, total link page visits and a list of all your link partners.

Link Exchange Programs
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