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Search engine marketing services can improve a business in an amazingly short period of time. Naturally, these services come with a price. This is why a free search engine submission can probably sound like music to your ear, especially if you are an entrepreneur or business owner hoping to attract more people to your website.

Back to basics

If you`re new to the industry of search engine marketing, you`re probably asking: what is a search engine submission in the first place?

Search engine submission is the act of getting your website registered in a search engine`s index. Yahoo, Google, Ask and MSN are some of the top search engines that online searchers use. Perhaps it`s safe to say that you have used one yourself when looking for something online. Once you click on that search button, the pages of results that appear contain the websites that are listed on the search engine`s index. The top sites listed are the ones doing very well in that index.

All websites, especially commercial sites, are striving to do well in search engine results. This is why a free search engine submission can really be a blessing.

Homepage vs. sitemap

You can submit your website to a search engine by providing your site`s URL. Usually, this URL is the home page of the site. It`s also possible to submit more pages by using a sitemap, but search engines will tell you that submitting the home page will do fine already, since crawlers (what search engines use to locate websites) are capable of finding the rest of the pages of your site.

Free search engine submission: What have you got to lose?

They say there`s no such thing as a free lunch, but apparently in the world of website promoting, there is. Many search engine optimization (SEO) websites offer clients free search engine submission. Even though a submission does not automatically mean ranking high in the index, or being included at all, you still need it to cover all your bases. Besides, it`s free. What have you got to lose? If you don`t see results after a couple of weeks, you can always resubmit as long as you do so only once a month.

Get help from the experts

With so many SEO companies to choose from, it`s easy to get lost in the web service providers` maze. But you can solve all your worries today by signing up with Blackwood Productions. We not only submit your website  we also perform search engine optimization to get the best ranking, and we will maintain this ranking for you. Not convinced yet? The sign up in our free trial program and watch your website zoom up.

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