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An automatic link exchange may very well be the key to ranking high in search engine result pages. When you sign up for an automatic link exchange program, you essentially agree to allow a number of links to be added to your website and in return, get a number of links, that are similar in nature to yours, back from various other websites. 

Reciprocal Link
A link is reciprocal if it links two websites to each other, such that it ensures mutual traffic from each other. For example, if website A is linked to website B and website B is linked to website A, then the two websites have a reciprocal link. Website owners and administrators usually subscribe their websites to directories for reciprocal link exchanges to help ensure that they receive better rankings in search engine result pages.

Reciprocal links in between websites have become integral to the process of search engine optimization because of a link popularity algorithm. This link popularity algorithm works by ranking websites according to relevance, based on how many links led back to that particular website and what anchor text was used.
Linking Three-Way?
Also a type of linking reciprocally, three-way linking (wherein website A is linked to website B, website B is linked to website C, and website C is linked to website A) can be considered a somewhat special case. It is becoming popular because a number of search engines give less and less consideration to normal reciprocal linking. It works by creating a linking method that makes the links to appear more natural to search engines.

Link Exchange Networks
One important aspect in search engine optimization is the popularity of a link. Link popularity is determined by finding out how many links from other websites point to a particular website. To achieve this, web owners and administrators trade links manually with other websites that have the same or related content as theirs. Going from one website to another can be time consuming, though. Link exchange networks solve this problem. Different networks are available but common to them is that a link is served with a server side script. The server side script gets links from a main server and then places the links within a website`s HTML code. Static links are created this way.

Free Relevant Links
All you need to sign up for a free account with www.freerelevantlinks.com is your full name, email address, and password. After that, you`re a registered member! Install the software and you enjoy automatic link exchanges with all other members in your category. You also gain access to FreeRelevantLinks` Ranking Report that you can opt to run at any day in order to track down the position of your keywords in up to five major search engines. Other reports that show you total home page visits, as well as total link page visits and a list of all your link partners, are available so you can browse through their website and see your own links.

Automatic Link Exchange
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