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SEO Reseller Opportunity

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Private Label Seo

Interested In Rebranding and Reselling?

SEO can be a long tedious process. Our patent pending SEO platform is designed with the reseller in mind to maximize your profits and minimize your efforts.

With over 5 years and half a million dollars invested the product is sure to impress your clients. We are offering a very unique and powerful Private label opportunity for qualified resellers. Imagine being able to offer your clients a complete "turn-key" SEO solution that does not require a complete re-working of their website.

"That's right, because our SEO Platform's proprietary technology operates in association with but independently from your client's website, traditional SEO on-page optimization is not required." The SEO Platform system creates a site within your site that is rich in exclusive relevant content, perfectly optimized and supplied with keyword relevant inbound links. Additionally, because the system is automated, search engine ranking begins almost immediately.

Only a live demonstration will effectively communicate how the system works and its features translate into significant SEO benefits for your clients. Search Engine Optimization is a multi-billion dollar industry that is still just being tapped.

Private Label SEO Reselling is just taking off and we are leading the way with this proprietary technology approach, affordable pricing, high ethics, experienced sales consultants.

How Do I Get It?

Signup is quick and easy. Fill out the form on the right. You then will be redirected to a simple questionnaire that will help us determine the best solution for you. After answering the questions you will need to pick a subdomain (example: login.yoursite.com or seo.yoursite.com) and create a CNAME for the subdomain pointing to: rebrand.getseobot.com


50% Residual Earnings

You will be provided with 2 main system links. One link for your customer login page, and another link for the signup page. Anytime one of your customers makes a purchase through your signup page you will be credited for that sale.

Your Rebrand will also give you the ability to offer your clients our Free 5 keyword package! And remember we pay you out for the life of the customer, even if they signup for free and upgrade later.

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I Agree To The Terms

Get Paid Instantly Via Paypal

You get paid the instant we get paid.

Our platform uses paypal as a backend processor. The platform breaks off your percentage as soon as the clients card is processed.

There is no minimum payout.

Private Label Seo
Blackwood Productions Inc.
809 West Webster Rd. Summersville West Virginia

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