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“GETSEOBot.com” - Automated SEO Platform for Resellers and End Users.

San Juan Capistrano, CA, May 23, 2011 – BWP Inc. announced today the unveiling of its new website GetSEObot.com that was designed to make the business of Search Engine Optimization or SEO much easier and more profitable. The Company said that the “GetSEObot.com” Automated SEO platform was developed for resellers supporting or having influence on small to medium size businesses who desire having their websites appear first in major search engine queries or SERPS. These resellers would include companies that offer web hosting services, Internet marketing, SEO services, PR firms, web design firms, and online business consultants. The getSEOBOT.com platform enables resellers to quickly add keyword specific content without having to touch the existing structure, format or content of the client’s website. Additionally, on-page optimization is done automatically by the system as well as all relevant inbound linking.  “The operator simply decides on the keywords or keyword themes and enters the original content into our online template and the system does everything else automatically” said Eric Nester the Company’s Vice President of Operations. 

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There is no cost for the reseller to sign up and the platform can be customized to reflect the reseller’s brand.  The Company is paying a 50% residual on all sales made by the reseller.   Another application according to the Company is for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) customers that want to quickly and easily improve the keyword relevancy and authority of their landing pages.  “By improving Quality Score, AdWords customers can save thousands of dollars and improve the ranking of their ad placements” ”, said Rob Bibb the Company’s president.  “This application is a God send for those businesses spending a fortune on PPC campaigns” said Mr. Nester.  “GetSEObot.com is an example of how a reseller can customize their own site “continued Mr. Bibb. The GetSEObot platform is currently available for anyone that would like to try it for free. The user gets 5 free keywords and full access to the systems capabilities to evaluate.

“This is an evolutionary step for SEO because we have eliminated many of the time consuming aspects to getting keywords highly ranked” concluded Mr. Bibb.
BWP Inc. specializes in software development designed to Automate SEO Processes. The Company was founded in 2004 by Mr. Robert Bibb and employs software engineers from around the world. Google Seo
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No website can truly thrive without being SE optimized for Google. With great SEO, Google notices a site and ranks it highly on a results page. Resell SEObot under your own brand and your clients re sure to be very impressed. Give us a call or send us n email with your questions.

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The trick to getting a lot of web traffic is to be listed on that first results page. If you resell SEO services with free Google SEO tools through GETSEObot, you can help your clients to achieve excellent search engine rankings. In fact, most people who install and use SEObot see their sites ranked on the first Google page within ninety days.

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GETSEObot is patent pending, proprietary technology designed with the reseller in mind. GETSEObot gives you a completely branded user interface that you can connect to your website that allows you to provide your clients with guaranteed top 10 rankings with ease. We even allow you to offer potential customers a free 5 keyword account.

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